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Testimonials San Luis Obispo, CA

Not all bail bondsmen are created equal. Some are better than others. Greg Sullivan, owner of ABC Bonding, is better than most. In my practice, over 27 years, no bondsman has helped my clients more. I recommend him highly.

- Ilan Funke-Bilu
ABC Bonding has been extremely helpful in our practice. When our clients are in a pinch, we want to ensure that they are going to get the assistance they need in an efficient, courteous manner. We have been extremely pleased with the service ABC Bonding has provided for our clients. ABC Bonding is highly professional, always available to help, and always courteous in doing so.

We trust ABC Bonding with our clients.

- Gerald C. Carrasco
It has been my distinct pleasure to refer my clients to ABC. They all receive fast, courteous, and knowledgeable service. Whenever any kind of problem occurs regarding a bail issue ABC is there 24/7. The fact that they are a locally owned company, that they have a fully staffed office, and have bail agents around the county only enhances the quality of service that they provide. Their motto is "It is better to know us and not need us, than to need us and not know us." I can assure you that all of my clients are glad that ABC was there for them when they needed them most.

- David T. Hurst