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Bond FAQ's San Luis Obispo, CA

You are bound to have questions when applying for bail bonds for the first time. Luckily, our mission is to prove that we are the local experts to turn to. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you make sense of it all:
Do I get my money back if the defendant goes to court or the case is dismissed?

The purpose of bail bonds is to provide guarantees to the court that defendants will appear after bonds hearings. In exchange for the guarantee, the court will release the defendant from custody until the next court appearance or until there is a sentencing. While the bond will be terminated if the defendant is imprisoned or if the case is exonerated, money is not returned to you when your liability is terminated because posting the bond is a service.
What is Bail?

Bail is a term that can be used to describe cash that is deposited for security or a bond that is issued by a surety company. While cash bail can be posted in most situations, clients choose to post bonds because they must only pay a percentage of the bail set as a premium for the bond. Some of the different types of bail bonds that can be purchased include traffic bonds, surety bonds, signature bonds, misdemeanor bonds, appearance bonds and appeal bonds.
What happens if a defendant skips out on bail?

The surety company has the right to locate and arrest the defendant when they are considered a fugitive. Once arrested, they will be taken into custody, and the contract will be null and void. The defendant will be charged for all recovery efforts even though they are surrendered into custody.